The legendary Driver Sweeper.

Completely uninstall drivers and their leftovers from your system.

Graphic cards

NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPU drivers can be cleaned.


Everything that's deleted is backed up and can be restored.


Creative, Realtek, ASUS, and other brands can be cleaned.

No bundled software

We don't like that either, so you just get the application.

All essential devices

Clean drivers from your network adapter, mouse, keyboard, printer, and other devices as well.

Desktop restore

Keep your desktop resolution and icon positions after a graphics driver change.

What Driver Sweeper can do for you.

It's designed to be the best driver cleaner. You can use it if you:

  • Update drivers of your system.
  • Switch a device to another manufacturer.
  • Encounter stability or performance issues.
  • Try to remove every trace of a driver.